UFO - A Conspiracy of Stars

Other | Friday 27th February 2015 | Edmund

With recent offerings from AC/DC, Marilyn Manson and Scorpions being somewhat lacklustre and essentially trying to maintain relevance amidst dramatically flagging careers, it comes as something of a relief to say that UFO's new release, A Conspiracy of Stars, is a breath of fresh air.

Granted it doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel or show us an entirely different dimension of music no one has ever thought of before, but it has one thing that so many other veteran bands have been lacking - passion. It gets your heart and plays it to just the right tempo. Maybe UFO are served well by the revolving door of members; there's always fresh ideas and new experiences coming in.

UFO's trademark country-influenced hard rock sound still runs throughout, but it's invigorated with guitar solos, tempo, and production quality that is very contemporary.

I would like to pick out particular choice songs, but what makes this album so good is the fact that you have to let it just play and rock it out. That said my personal favourite would be 'Messiah of Love'.