London Grammar--One to watch

Indie | Thursday 13th June 2013 | jim

To say that you haven’t heard of London Grammar may not be surprising, but maybe not for long. Set to play a few festivals this summer including the highly anticipated ‘XX day and night,’ Bestival, secret garden party, rockiness and Glastonbury coming up. On top of this they featured on one of the stand-out songs of the hugely successful number one album by disclosure, these guys look to be catapulted into stardom this summer, and hope to show this off during their tour in October.

Hannah (the lead singer) and Dan (bassist) met each other while at Nottingham Uni through Facebook. They met the final member Dot (drummer and keyboardist) through Dan’s girlfriend. Despite meeting in Nottingham the band is London based hence the name.

The band describes their music as a clash of modern and classic music. Despite coming together as a band the three have different musical tastes, which helps create their unique sound.

Hannah, would see herself inspired by classic singer/songwriters like Whitney Houston and MJ, whereas Dan would describe himself as more an Indie Kid. Dot, on the other hand, is influenced more by jazz and blues.

The singles Hey Now and Wasting My Years apparently give a good taste of what to expect, but London grammar explain fans should expect to also hear more piano and vocals.

The two singles will definitely please anyone who is keen on the XX, Florence and the Machine or even Fleetwood Mac. The songs are incredibly mellow and Hannah’s unique and intoxicating voice really pulls the atmospheric music underneath. From looking at the band you may expect another pop group, but the sound that emerges from these three is a breath of fresh air in the music world.

After a summer full of festivals and exposure through the likes of the XX and disclosure expect to be hearing far more about London Grammar.

The album Metal and Dust is out now and is available from their website:



Written by Jim Roberts