Oslo Iversen - Pariah-Beloved-Pariah

Other | Friday 6th February 2015 | Edmund

Named after an alias that lyricist and project leader Glenn Fosbraey uses, Oslo Iversen is the product of the collaborative efforts of a highly visionary and skilled university lecturer and his former students. Produced over the course of most of last year and released initially on Soundcloud, the progression and evolution of the album effectively utilises the vocal and musical talents of all involved when they are at their peak ability.

Reflecting a dark, soul-searching, lost mindset, derived from memories both old and new, and a feeling of having been cut adrift, the album’s music is carefully and expertly crafted around the lyrics in an eclectic but supremely incredibly focused manner. No single song feels out of place, either in the context of the overall feel or where they come on the album.

Whilst dark and discusses the subjects of depression, suicide, the passing of relatives and similarly heavy subjects, it is an ultimately uplifting album, if simply because when you come away from it, it really makes you feel for what is truly important. This is not simply an album to be heard in the background. This is an album that deserves every second of your attention.

Some choice tracks from the album include Haven Autocue, which discusses the aftermath of a young man’s suicide within his mother’s life, a beautiful piece that really makes you want to make sure to keep your loved ones as close as possible; Suicide Dancing, a biting satire very much in the vein of Nick Cave, displaying a cynical attitude towards the ephemeral activities of club-goers; Carey’s Manor, a meditation on the difficulty in living with depression despite the positive aspects in life; and Staplehurst, a reflection on the passing of a family member and the effects on other relationships that it has.

Anyone who’s a fan of bands such as the Eels, Nick Cave, the Smiths or the Smashing Pumpkins is certainly going to get everything they’re looking for and more. And even if you’re not, you’re still bound to find songs that speak to you on a core, emotional level that you'll find yourself getting lost in.

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