Top 5 Alternative Xmas Movies

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 20th December 2012 | Jake


Not everyone likes Christmas. I don’t. The run up is a big headache and the hole left in your wallet seems irreparable but get me a couple of days off work and a bottle of rum and I’m happy. So for those who are like me and don’t want to get into the festive spirit in the traditional way, here are some alternative movies to watch that don’t reek of Santa Clause and tinsel.


Some may argue that this isn’t even a Christmas film. But for the eagle eyed and most hardcore of fans, you’ll find the Ghostbusters wearing Christmas hats during a ‘busting montage during which RUN DMC’s killer version of the Ghostbusters track is playing. The whole film takes place on the run up to New Years Eve and through the Christmas period. So stick that in your Turkey and eat it.

FACTOID: The term “proton pack” was never officially used on screen until the Ghostbusters are in the subway tunnel and Egon says, “Before we go any further, I think we should get our proton packs.”

4. SCROOGED - 1988

Bill Murray is in the list again. And why the hell not? He’s Bill Murray. This list should be just Bill Murray films. He’s that awesome. But all awesomeness aside, Scrooged is one dark film that needs to be on this list. Plonk your kids in front of this and wait for the ghost of Christmas Future to turn up. Forget all that Home Alone hullabaloo, you want them to remember Christmas this year, put this on for them.

FACTOID: Sam Kinison was originally slated to play The Ghost of Christmas Past, but the role eventually went to David Johansen due to his friendship with Bill Murray. David Johansen is also the lead singer from legendary glam rock band, the New York Dolls.

3. GREMLINS - 1984

We all know the rules. Don’t feed them after midnight, never expose them to bright lights and for the love of God, don’t get them wet. About half way through the movie, all the rules are broken with devastating consequences. A classic.

FACTOID: The set for Kingston Falls is the same one used for Back To The Future. Both movies were filmed in the Universal Studios backlot.


I’m starting to see an 80’s theme here. But who cares? Maybe Hollywood maxed out of action packed Christmas movies in 1989. What would this time of year be without Riggs and Murtaugh? The opening has Jingle Bell Rock, there’s a gun fight in a Christmas tree lot and the movie ends with Gibson being invited to Glover’s house for Christmas dinner. How much more Christmas do you need?.

FACTOID: Hollywood city officials hung Christmas decorations on Hollywood Blvd. a few months early so that the scenes shot for this film, particularly the action scenes near the end of the picture, looked like they happened at the end of the year.

1.      DIE HARD – 1988

Willis, Rickman, vests, blood, guns, yippee ki-yay, bare feet and Christmas all rolled into one bad ass, explosive Christmas extravaganza that even Nana would be happy to watch. No Christmas is complete without this film, so kick back, grab some left overs and let John McClane do all the hard work.

FACTOID: For the shot where Hans Gruber falls from the building, director John McTiernan told Alan Rickman that he would drop him on the count of three. In order to get a more realistic reaction from Rickman, he dropped him on the count of two. Rickman was not impressed.