Ash Catch'em

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 17th December 2012 | Jake

Ash Catch’em (aside from having the best name in rap) is a Moroccan born rapper coming out of West London (Mozart Manor to be exact) and has been making big moves in the UKHH scene in a short time. His first mixtape ‘Stouts and Silvers’ in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength from there, he has done shows around London for the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to catch him live a few times and he did not disappoint. His style fits in with a lot of the newer rappers emerging from the capital (It’sNate, Piff Gang etc.) and they are pushing the UKHH scene in a new direction. 

He has four mixtapes out so far: Stouts and Silvers, Wray and Rollups, Baileys and Blunts and Year of the Dragon Stout. As you can probably tell by the names of his mixtapes and some of his lyrics: “I start the day with a shot of Wray/Fingers crossed that I end it with the hottest babe”.

He has a new mixtape coming out early 2013 called ‘The Rum Cream Diary’ which if the first track released (Same Old G) is any indication will be another banger.

Download his music here:

Check my little piece on his new video here: