Roc Marciano - NY raps saviour?

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 12th December 2012 | Jake

Roc Marciano is a rapper and producer from Long Island - he started off his career as a member of Busta Rhyme’s ‘Flipmode Squad’ but left in the early 2000’s to start his own undergroup rap collective, known as UN. 

UN consisted of Marciano himself, Dino Brave, Laku and Mic Raw and released a number of albums - they’re probably best known for their feature on ‘Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture’ and ‘NY’s Finest’ by the legendary Pete Rock. Although the group have never officially disbanded Marciano has been focusing on his solo career since 2008. He has two solo albums and a collaborative EP with Oh No (brother of Madlib) and the Alchemist, all of which received rave reviews and were met with critical acclaim.

His newest release ‘Reloaded’ is an amazing piece of work and received amazing reviews across the board. He is a gifted lyricist and story teller and really brings you into his world of death, drugs and late nights in the grimy underbelly of the Big Apple. It is mainly produced by Marciano himself but the Alchemist, Ray West and Q-Tip also lend a helping hand. Stylistically it’s pretty similar to ‘Marcberg’ with its gloomy east coast boom bap style beats and Marciano’s stream of consciousness style of rap. It picks you up right where ‘Marcberg’ left you but takes you further into his world, further into his life, until you feel that you were present during the dark stories he is telling you.

If you haven’t got it already you can buy ‘Reloaded’ now from iTunes or wherever you normally buy your music from. If you’re a fan of the genre it’s a release that can’t be missed.