Hip Hop Legend: Eazy E

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 18th October 2012 | Ladan


New Documentary set for release chronicalling the life of the late Rap Legend. 

He was the originator of “Gangsta Rap” and put Hip Hop music on the map at a time where major record labels steered clear of this stereotyped music. Born Eric Wright on September 1964 in Compton, CA.  As a high school dropout Eazy E became involved in drug dealing to make a living and then used these earnings to fund a record label Ruthless Records. The company didn’t rack up any attention until two rap living legends- Dr Dre and Ice Cube joined the label. After their signing company HBO refused to take “Boyz in The Hood” the three men formed the group N.W.A (an acronym for Ni***s with Attitude).

Although it had its successes this collaboration was set to be a volatile one.  After a highly publicised feud with Dr Dre who claimed Eazy had been taking more than a fare share of his cut in funds and short-changing everybody else, it appeared that the group was crumbling. Ice Cube who was also upset with the finance situation quietly made an exit, but Dre wasn’t going without a fight with the feud continuing over a number of years.  

At the beginning of 1995, Eazy visited the hospital with respiratory problems thinking that it was only a minor ailment but was shocked to be diagnosed with AIDS. He passed away only a month later at the age of 31.

With so many tumultuous experiences, a string of hits records, and volatile personal and professional relationships it can’t be said that his life was an uneventful one. He has been endearingly named the “Godfather of Gangsta Rap” and many current Rap artists would list him as a major influence to their music.

With a new movie chronicling the life of Eazy E Ruthless Memories in the pipelines, it hard to shake the influence of this man and the important role he has played to countless individuals. The documentary includes interviews from Eazy’s nearest and dearest and although the film was scheduled for release in autumn 2012 there has been no word yet but we’ll keep you posted! 

Check out the trailer for the Ruthless Memories below. 

By Ladan