What do Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and a llama have in common?

Thursday 18th October 2012 | Raquel

Revealed in BBC One's documentary, The Great Pretender, An Imagine Special, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson were to do a duet some years ago but an alpaca stopped them. Well, stopped Mercury since it was Jackson's pet.

A duet between two of the most talented singers in the world would've been amazing! Unfortunately, things didn't go quite to plan due to a smaller problem: Michael Jackson's llama. The King of Pop insisted on bringing his pet, a llama, to the studio. This was apparently not cool with Mercury who gave up the collaboration calling his manager complaining "Michael is bringing his pet llama into the studio! I've had enough, I want to get out."

Another never edited duet between the two is now available for us to hear: 'State Of Shock'. This later was re-recorded by Jackson with another rock icon, Mick Jagger and included on the album Victory.

Listen here to 'State of Shock' by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.