Meek Mill Bike Life

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 17th August 2012 | Annalisa


'When I was young I started planning it out, my daddy got killed I was the man of the house! By the age of 16 man the hammers was out, so when niggers trying to hit me i'm just handling them out, cause I ain't trying to see my mum crying and my sis mourning so imma let this little Mac 11 rip on them'

Philadelphia Rapper Meek Mills is turning heads this year showing us that persistence will get you far. Signed to Rick Ross’ Label ‘Maybach Music Group’ this young rapper with a distinct rap style will have a lot to share with us in the upcoming years with his first album ‘Dreams and Nightmares’. Meek coming from the rough streets of Philly which he describes as a hard jungle full of snitches, bitches, drugs and money. Having had his father pass’ away at a young age, young Meek had to step up to provide for him and his family, his second mixtape ‘Dream Chasers 2’ went to throw meek onto the stage for everybody to see . From the young boy on the streets to eventually running the streets in the coke game. This game comes at a price and boy you better be equipped ready and loaded because when the time comes you have to be ready. “Nigger like me I walk around fearing no man” Meek states this on the track ‘Ready or Not’ which is sampled from “The Fugees – Ready or Not” which shows the attitude you need in the game.

Amongst all of touring, partying and Ciroc popping Meek still has time to pop some wheelies on his motorbike, kind of like the ones I used to do in GTA on the Sanchez. Him and his crew get on their bikes and quads causing chaos through the towns they ran through, every city they are in I think the wheels go up.

With support of his fellow team mates, Stalley, Wale, Omarion and lets not forget this boss Rickey Rozay, there is no stopping them this year!

Nadeem Badat @inhaledatshit