Venue of the Month

Other | Friday 9th January 2015 | Edmund

This month we’re directing our attention to the beautiful Union Chapel. Located in Compton Avenue, Highbury, this gorgeous old church caters for all number of tastes and interests. Whether you’re wanting to go to a country rock show or a Tai Chi lesson, there’s something for everyone in this hauntingly beautiful building.

Boasting the likes of Devin Townsend, the London Gypsy Orchestra and I Am Kloot, amongst many, many others on the music scene and hosting a myriad film screenings such as the Jameson’s cult film series, the Union Chapel has proven repeatedly capable of delivering on everything, from their not overly priced drinks to the overall atmosphere provided by the gothic architecture and cool calm sensation it grants its patrons.

Well worth checking out, whether this month or in the future.

For further details on venue and events, go here