The Grooviest School We Know.

Other | Wednesday 26th November 2014 | billieek


When the word ‘school’ is mentioned, it is often followed by a shuddering thought of dull work and seemingly pointless rules. This is certainly not the case for Grooveschool. Fun, fulfilling, creative work is all they allow in their establishment. 

Grooveschool offers a unique opportunity for people of all ages to gain practical skills and an understanding of music technology and becoming a DJ. This charity organization transforms the lives of people from a variety of backgrounds and is totally indiscriminate. 

We love that a very serious and important issue is tackled through fun and creativity. Not only is it a fantastic escape from day-to-day routines, but an amazing addition to their skill set and CV.




For the last three and half years, Grooveschool have hosted these free DJ and Music Technology workshops for locals in South London. Focussing their classes mainly at young people who are most at risk of offending or reoffending, participants learn how to compile a DJ set to include their own creations, be it sounds, a loop or tracks.



On Friday 5th December We Love Vinyl are collaborating with Grooveschool for their main fundraiser of the year, which is being held at the Prince Of Wales in Brixton and is called ‘The Big One’. The event will take over all three rooms and will play host to a variety of established DJ’s. 

This huge night will feature Murf, Terry Francis, Tom Gillieron, Nathan Coles and Sam Russo, as well as an early evening performance from the younger students of Grooveschool, fresh from their recent day sessions at Fabric. 

This event combines the support of an amazing cause, with a huge night out. What better way to show your support than by buying a ticket here.