Ariana Grande Tripping Space Balls

Other | Wednesday 13th August 2014 | Serena

Jam packed with ridiculous amounts of 60's space movie references the new video from Ariana Grande is a mish mash of retro sci-fi. It's no secret that Ariana is an avid 60's and sci-fi fan so the video was bound to happen, but there are so many wtf moments in this that you really can’t understand what you’ve just watched. Also dropping a surprise single with Big Sean 'Best Mistake' with two totally different vibes going on, what else does Ariana have instore?




This definitely looks like a guy from Dr who, but she has a light sabre from Star Wars, then kicks him down with a dodgy dance move anyway.






Then her boobs open into rocket launchers like the boob guns in Austin Powers.. or Lady Gagas Monster Ball concert.




And this anti-gravity strip tease is from the famous opening sequence of Barbarella. This has nothing to do with the video but I'm gonna come out and say Ariana looks like a pre teen in the most disturbing way. *shudder*

Anyway, shot on a very 60’s inspired painted set and what looks like the recycled spaceship set from The Darkness video ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ video. Ariana then fiddles with really awkward looking alien things.




Arianas video concept is cool but there seems to be little in terms of narrative or even budget! At least Katy Perry’s E.T had some kind of story around it. With an insane video like this, we have no idea what to expect from her MTV VMA performance this year. The event that skyrocketed Miley Cyrus into the world wide news atmosphere.


Here is the full video enjoy and let us know what you think!!