A successful night for acts at Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch.

Indie | Thursday 10th October 2013 | Alex

     Last night (09/10/2013) at Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch, there were a couple of surprises on show for anyone who was in attendance. I had originally gone to see a rising indie acoustic act, Jay Brown, whom I was told had pulled out. However, the two acts that I did catch, apologies to Theo Bard, a guy’s gotta eat, were a pair of the most pleasant surprises I’ve happened upon in a long time.

     Firstly, Tori Tori Bird, a 3 piece consisting of Rica, Robin, and Andrea with an additional guitarist, played a haunting set that ebbed and flowed wonderfully led by Rica’s delicate and wavering delivery. Led by Rica, in her trademark red hat, Robin and Andrea had a promising partnership in the rhythm section. It’s a rare beast to encounter a band that utilises a Double Bassist but Robin showed that he was more than capable of doing its resonant sound justice in this dynamic. Their music flows along in much the same vein as Bjork’s more mellow tracks and makes me think heavily of a Final Fantasy Soundtrack in places. Nevertheless, a highly enjoyable performance from an accomplished set of musicians.

     After a brief intermission, pints were bought, fags were smoked, people asked if seats were in use, Joe da Costa aka TALKSHOWgHOST took to the stage. After the ambient show that TTB provided us with this was in somewhat of a different ballpark. da Costa’s enthusiasm and personality filled a stage that had previously been occupied by 4 people and made it his. In a set that included a track drawing on past romantic misdemanours, “Jeez Louise”, a raucous cover of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (complete with a cleverly anglicised version of events), and some very interesting guitar work covering so many genres that I wasn’t sure if he knew where he was going with his instrumental track, da Costa showed that as a solo artist he certainly has potential to do something.

     Overall, Bedroom put on a great show last night, even if the beer was flat. If you want to check out either of these acts links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts can be found below.

Alex Taylor.