What ever happened to: Little Man Tate?

Indie | Friday 20th September 2013 | Conor

 Formed in Sheffield, the Little Man Tate (LMT) was attracting interest from several labels before eventually deciding upon V2 Records. Over their career they released two albums and a multitude of singles, "Sexy in Latin" being their most successful, charting at number 20. In July 2009, LMT announced their decision to part ways (via Myspace) and played two final shows at the O2 Academy in Sheffield.

But where are they now?

Frontman Jon Windle was left with two choices after Little Man Tate split: he could have gone out and found a day job, or he could have taken another bite at the musical apple. Unsurprisingly, he opted for the latter. Windle formed Tiny Teeth Records in 2010 as a platform for him to release his debut solo album Step out the man. He released his second effort Sober Minds last year.

Dan Fields joined Windle as the drummer on tour, and Windle still plays LMT songs live as well as his solo material. Although they announced along with their split that they were still all good friends, a Little Man Tate reunion seems unlikely, with Windle stating in an interview with Sounds from the Steel that he doesn’t miss LMT.

Edward Marriott has remained fairly anonymous, and went on to become a live and studio session musician. In March 2010 he began touring with Jay Brown. He also studied a BA in Music Education at the London Metropolitan University. Even more anonymous than Marriott, Ben Surtees was last known to be DJing and working on some new material.

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By Conor Giles