British Asian Scene breaking out into mainstream!

Other | Friday 6th September 2013 | Keshav

Screw the light bulbs, pat the dog !

Dance moves synonymous with any Asian music. Since 2000’s the popularity of Asian music has gone from strength to strength. It all began with Punjabi MC’s "Mundhae To Bachke" ( Beware of the boys) which sent the UK Asian scene into delirium. The track catapulted  what is known as ‘British Asian’ scene into the spotlight and with radio stations increasing airplay by the day.  The track really gave this new scene a lease of life to stand alone from all the traditional Asian music which was coming out in places in Asia. Producers sought to mash together the two cultures to produce something which still stayed true to their heritage yet also provided a fresh new twist.

Asian culture is now more widespread in Britain than it has ever been and with more and more youths turning to British Urban culture something had to be done. The new music brings together the best of both worlds and currently is bigger than it has ever been. It now appeals to a wider range of audiences and is seriously big money here in the UK.

Asian heritage in Britain has always been a contentious issue. It is sometimes claimed that the British public are ignorant to the practices and traditions based on a very family and community orientated way of life. Queue ‘Jay Sean’ .. The young singer songwriter burst out of West London and while studying for a medicine degree was snapped up by producer Rishi Rich. Such was the vision of Rishi that he managed to incorporate a very british sound along with aunthentic Asian beats thus leading to an explosion of popularity when they released hit song ‘ Dance With You’ The song was an instant success and brought together fans from both societies. The song single handedly set the wheels in motion for what we know today to be the ‘British Asian Music Scene’ 

Jay Sean meanwhile was know well and truly in the limelight. A few years later he got the break he deserved and penned a deal with Little Wayne’s Young Money Cash Money Records. Their first release sent shockwaves around the industry.  With ‘ Down’  breaking records left right and centre  the star was also breaking down a long standing cultural barrier being the first British star of Asian heritage to ‘make it’. The acceptance that Asian stars now receive has increased greatly and shows the true appreciation by a truly multicultural Britain.

 It is said ‘ Music Is Power’ and so far for the Asian community at least this has been the case.  Asian culture was thrown onto the big screen when Gurinder Chadda put a modern twist on  Jane Austins classic ‘ Pride and Prejuidce’ and also released ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ the two films were a modern day take on Asian Britains. It was now not what British culture was giving to Asians but what Asians were providing to the British lifestyle.

‘Born To Be King’ Producer Sudhir Sharma, Director Puneet Issar, is an British Asian film that follows in the same light. It is the film that is well and truly a trend setter , a game changer. The fusion of both Asian cultures marketed predominantly for a Western audience puts it in good stead to achieve big things. Although the film was created as a debut project by ASK4 Entertainment the professionalism and quality shines through. The films reputation is boosted by a stellar music line up including Apache Indian and Rishi Rich. Existing talent is also pushed into the limelight with the film giving musician Karun Sharma aka The Artist KcK a West London based singer/songwriter the opportunity to showcase his talent to a much wider audience this time working together with Rishi Rich. KcK is described as 'Smart and Sexy' this star is set to rocket to the top with an impeccable performance. What's evident is the ambition within the film. The passion to create a mashup of the cultures as well as the message that these two worlds are now as interdependent than ever before is what is bound to see this film mentioned in the same breathe as 'Slumdog Millionaire' Asian films are made to be a spectacle and this film surely does deliver the full package teaming with exciting upbeat anthems made for easy listening for all community backgrounds. 

As we see Asian culture in Britain grow so with it we see traditional families moving away from their in built values. The two societies are now as intertwined as ever before. Working together this relationship and acceptance is only set to grow and it surely won't be long before we see a new wave of British Asian stars ready to bring the noise ! Watch out !