“Not Much Evidence” for Acid Being Bad For You

Other | Friday 6th September 2013 | Poppy

Scientists in Norway (your pals Pal-Orjan Johansen and Teri Krebs) have done the research. Mrs Krebs has published to the science journal PLOS One, “there were no significant associations between lifetime use of any psychedelics, or use of LSD in the past year, and an increased rate of mental health problems. Rather, in several cases psychedelic use was associated with a lower rate of mental health problems.” Not that I’m saying it’s good for you, just probably isn’t as bad for you as you thought. Obviously all psychedelic drugs have a tendency to make the

It’s just like the punk-as-fuck Harvard professor Timothy Leary said, and was labelled “the most dangerous man in America” for. By Nixon, who’s obviously a paragon of virtue whose memory we cherish. Don’t remember Leary? Here’s a picture of his smiling face being arrested in ’72, two years after he answered a survey over his last arrest, 1970, saying he had an interest in botany and forestry, was assigned as a gardener in a low-security prison, and broke out for a laugh. Wikipedia it.

Johansen and Krebs say the idea that LSD and other psychedelic drugs were detrimental to mental health came from a few case reports on patients who were already suffering from some form of mental illness, and as a result the coincidence might have been reported as a defining connection. Both psychedelic drug use and the onset of mental illness tend to happen to kids at the end of adolescence, which previously had led researchers to mistakenly attribute mental problems to acid.

Both scientists concluded in a report published last year in the British Journal of Psychopharmacology that a single dose of LSD was a highly effective treatment for alcoholism. They recommended that the drug be used more often to help patients with a drink problem and argued that it was probably just as effective as current medications used to treat alcohol addiction. What a wonderful time to be alive. The two scientists’ conclusions were drawn from looking back on studies done in the ‘50s, ‘60s and 70’s, only six of which were done according to modern scientific standards, and found 59% of alcoholics given a dose of LSD either completely stopped drinking or drank significantly less.

So go crazy. Actually, don’t. You’ll muck up the research.