Ghetts makes his return

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 16th August 2013 | Daniel

Ghetts has returned from his “sabbatical” in pristine style; setting ‘fire in the booth’ for Charlie Sloth. The UK grime/rap scene has heard little from the veteran MC over the past couple of years, other than sporadic freestyle appearances the rapper has been little more than silent; tending to a new born child and “sitting back to analyse the blueprint” in order to take back the scene by storm.

Well Ghetts has taken the initial steps in achieving just that; stepping outside his comfort zone and demonstrating in a mere eleven and a half minutes a versatility basically unparalleled in the UK, where hip hop artists tend to stick to their niches.

What I found most pleasantly surprising in this epic addition to Charlie Sloth’s series was Ghett’s ability to flow impressively over a laid back soul beat in an almost effortless manner. This being a style almost unseen before from the MC.

We hope to hear more of this maturity in Ghett’s upcoming releases; having now certainly set the bar high with the most thrilling Fire in the Booth I’ve heard in long while.   


Daniel Zartz