Pete Doherty Opens Memorabilia Store In Camden

Indie | Wednesday 14th August 2013 | Billy

A shop located in the market area of Camden has been opened by former Libertines front-man Pete Doherty, which boasts a wonderful collection of Libertines and Babyshambles memorabilia along with many other weird and wonderful items. The shop is called Doherty & Martin: The Rag and Bone Collection and the troubled singer is working there himself.

Most of the shops contents would be considered as a collection of trash from a madman’s travels to the majority of sane people, but to a select few hardcore fans it's deemed a roomful of gold dust. Items on sale range from pieces of clothing that the bands have worn over time to cigarette butts used by stars such as Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse. 

Sadly, after leading a rather publicised and lucrative lifestyle, Peter (as he is preferably called) has landed himself in a spot of bother when it comes to cash, which is presumably the reasoning behind opening the store. The store is said to sell 'almost nothing of real worth for extortionate prices' with the celebrity cigarette butts costing around £100 a go. Old useless tins, magazine cut-outs and worn down jewellery boxes make up the rest of clutter that is crammed into his Rag and Bone Collection, with the tins costing a ridiculous £200!

When giving a tour of the new store, Pete would point out bizarre items that would seem to have no worth to anyone and say “I’d never sell this one, it’s worth the most, but I’d never sell it”. Rather evidently the ex Libertine has a definitively altered view on value and life itself.

How long Doherty plans to keep the store open remains to be seen, as he needs to balance time between Paris, London and Babyshambles forthcoming album, but it seems that this is a final desperate ploy of a lost and broken man.

Babyshambles highly anticipated album Sequel to the Prequel is due to be released on September 2nd, when speaking about the new release Pete said "I just thought, 'Fuck. Where have I been? Why have I not been getting it together?' We've gotta get these new songs together, we've gotta play. I just feel energised by it all. Really I do," which certainly seems like a positive turnaround for the distressed rock star.

Prequel to the Sequel was recorded at Question Du Son, Paris and is the follow up to Shotter’s Nation and Down In Albion. Have a listen to Babyshambles new track ‘Nothing Comes To Nothing” below.