La Revolution Francaise!

House | Tuesday 6th August 2013 | Keshav

The French Electro movement is in full swing! 

Bienvenue à la révolution français! Fear not my comrades! This revolution is not political nor is it social. This is the electronic music revolution. Daft Punk, Justice, Madeon, Brodinski are just a few names that are leading the charge for the French Tricolour. Why then is France becoming the dominant force in the market?

Arguably, the French were the first to embrace the electronic movement. What used to be music at small rough and underground parties has now become the music found in the mainstream clubs. A lot of French music’s success has to be down to Daft Punk. Love them or loath them, they have changed the face of electronic music around the world. With the release of their first album Homework, they suddenly made electronic music much more accessible. Waves of today’s DJ’s grew up listening to that album and were amazed by the raw energy and superb ability of Guy Manuel and Thomas Bangliter. What they were doing was revolutionary and they didn’t know it.  DJ Falcon says:

‘Before this whole electronic movement there was no French sound. There was nothing to define the French touch. For me the French touch began with Etienne de Crecy and Philip Zdar. Those guys were the first to realise what was going on and put it into clubs. After this it just went so quickly! I think the success of the first album turned a lot of attention to French DJ’s and producers’

What Falcon says has a lot of merit. Daft Punk allowed DJ’s and producers across France to flex their muscles. The spotlight was on many underground artists and as Daft Punk exploded around the world they bought with them ‘The French Sound’. Growing up with these unique sounds and this new genre so to speak influenced new DJ’s like Madeon:

‘My first experience of electronic music was when I purchased Daft Punk’s Interstellar 5555. I watched that and it just inspired me to make music, to start creating sounds’.

It's clear that Daft Punk's impact had a significant impact on the French music scene. However, nowadays it is the amount of new, inventive sounds coming through from new French DJ’s like Justice and their vibrant upbeat sound or Gesaffelstein and his dirty house beats spearheading the genre. It’s no secret that both of these DJ’s are at the top of their game. With a continuous ingenuity and creativity, they are constantly developing not only their own sound but shaping the sound of the world around them. When songs such as ‘ Control Movement’ or ‘DANCE’ play in clubs there is no stopping enthusiastic dancers being thrown into a frenzy. Although these two artists produce a vastly different brand of music their similarities are endless.  Both are pioneers of French Electro.

French Electro is the future. The sound is easily recognizable with countless numbers of stars coming through in nearly all genres. French electro, French House, French Deep House... the list just goes on and on. With more and more people turning to electro music at a young age this era is set to continue and long may it do so! Although this revolution will not be as poignant as it precdecessor we still say... Vive la musique électronique française!

Keshav Kapoor