Lovers Rock | Friday 18th January 2019 | Becky

The Fever 333 project brewed up a storm last year bringing us a new revolutionary punk movement and a whole load of fire fuelled passion. The Fever is formed of Jason Aalon Butler (ex-letlive) on vocals, guitarist Stephen Harrison (ex-The Chariot) and drummer Aric Impta (Night Verses). Their mantra 333 is formed of the 3 C’s COMMUNITY, CHARITY and CHANGE, a message they hope will resound with people.

“We’re speaking with the people not for the people”.

Once you listen to their explosive debut LP ‘STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS’ you too will feel a shifting of the tides. A need for change invoked in the form of boisterous punk. The LP opens with a fake news report, building up the hype for what is to come. ‘BURN IT’ the leading single is a force to be reckoned with, the song addresses people’s ignorance and how we have to break the divide if we want change. ‘ANIMAL’, another banger with its catchy hook, refers to the struggles of the working class and how power figures enforce boundaries within society.

‘PREY FOR ME/3’ is a game changer with a sick electronic-esque instrumental breakdown and a lot of screaming; “You are not the only one who feels like the only one” saying we should not feel alone and if we are outcast due to race, gender or difference we should group together. ‘ONE OF US’ has one of the most memorable lyrics “stand up or die on your knees” adding to the theme of rebellion, a phrase that can’t be taken lightly and reinforces the bands message. In ‘INGLEWOOD/3’ Jason pays homage to his hometown and childhood.

With its slower pace, deep lyrics and an intense build this one has you getting emotional and fired up all at once. By the closing track ‘COUP D’ETALK’ you can sense that this is only the beginning in the grander scheme of things regarding the 333 revolution. The band finish with heavy instrumental and a loud chant “we fight the power to keep the power”, leaving you feeling empowered and riled up for more.

We definitely have caught the fever and feel this is likely to top hottest rock album of 2019.

We think you will catch it too.

 ‘STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS’ is out now via Road Runner Records.