Grey Code gives Guestlist his top 5 tracks

Drum and Bass | Thursday 17th January 2019 | Tom

Spencer Warren aka Grey Code is a 21 year old Bristol based Drum and Bass producer who is making sizeable waves in the Drum and Bass scene at the moment. With releases on an array of some of the scene's most highly regarded imprints since his debut on the mighty Dispatch Recordings in 2017 his production has gone from strength to strength with each and every output.


This January the young producer's hard work has culminated in a debut on Goldie's world renowned Electronica powerhouse Metalheadz with his “Reprieve EP”. Which is without doubt some of his most emotionally charged, definitive work to date and definitely one of the must have Eps of the year so far.


Guestlist caught up with Grey Code for a chat about 5 tunes that have influenced his sound over the years and a little explanation as to what each one means to him.

Metallica - Battery

I love an intro. I also love Metallica. The way this intro builds and catches you off-guard gets me every time and is something I’d love to incorporate into tunes. It’s not my favourite tune from the album, nor my favourite Metallica album (Ride The Lightning) but it does capture a lot of what I like.

Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends

Possibly one of the sexiest tunes ever. I first heard this tune as sampled in Alix Perez’s Just Memories. It was the first D&B record I bought (from RK Bass, Brighton) and I fell in love with the sample. I found a mix on SoundCloud which comprised solely of tunes which sampled Intimate Friends and, according to Google Play Music, is one of my most listened to mixes/songs.

Mark System - Dissolve

Future classic. The progression in this tune is mad. Strikes all the right chords and the breakdown at 3:00 is something else. I find it hard to find a tune cooler than this.

Telefon Tel Aviv - Something Akin to Lust

Achieves so much with so few elements. This track was the main inspiration for Ethics - I was instantly inspired by the simple combination of reese bass, arp pluck and pad. It’s worth listening all the way through as I think the progression is key to its epicness.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

I’m unsure of the effect it’s had on my music but it is my favourite track from the first album I ever bought (£5 from Octave, Lewes). I still really like it and it still feels fresh and unconventional.


Grey Code's magnificent “Reprieve EP” is available from the MetalHeadz shop now.