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Rising talent Adham Zahran from Egypt has been making waves in the electronic music scene for some time now and his mesmerising new album “Space Dance”  is set to solidify his position as one of the genre's unsung heroes. A journey through the depths of deep house music with genre-bending tracks that seamlessly blend elements of house and techno, Adham showcases his versatility and talent as a producer.


Delve into the depths of "Space Dance” for a sonic journey like no other. From when the opening track, "Space Travel," hits your ears, you are transported to a world of lush house keys and rippling grooves. The blend of evocative melodies and futuristic funk creates a house music experience that is both timeless and mesmerising. Tracks like "Tech Planet" and "Bringing Down The House" showcase Zahran's ability to seamlessly fuse minimal beats with ethereal electronic sub grooves. The result is a sound that is fresh and contemporary, yet pays homage to the early days of deep house. 


From the dreamy keys, spacey effects and intricate beats of "Daydream Sanctuary" to the raw house beats of the title track, Zahran effortlessly creates an electronic soundscape that is both evocative and forward-thinking. His use of analogue synthesisers, vintage drum machines, and sampled records adds a unique texture to his sound, making it instantly recognisable. Standout tracks like the title track, "Space Dance," take you on a journey through raw house beats and an unfolding mix of keys and mellow kicks whilst "Asteroids" infectious hand claps and key stabs conjure up a whole other dimension.

Zahran's unique blend of genres is further highlighted in "Vengeance Manor," where lush keys and raw bass rise, creating a beautiful orbit of deep house dreaminess. Concluding with the considered and minimal "Golden Thought”. Zahran is a master of blending genres and pushing the boundaries of deep house and “Space Dance” is a testament to his artistry. A must-listen for any fan of deep house.


Over the years, Adham Zahran has carved out a niche for himself in the world of electronic music with his unique blend of genres and innovative soundscapes. Zahran's evolution as an artist can be traced back to his early releases on labels such as Galaktika Records, Mood Music, Space Breaks, Neovinyl, and Oh! Records. With each release, he has continued to push the boundaries of deep house, incorporating elements of Chicago house, Detroit techno, and jazz.


Adham Zahran's new deep house sound is making waves in the wider electronic music community and in the rising popularity of deep house in Egypt. With his unique blend of genres and innovative soundscapes, Zahran is pushing the boundaries of what deep house can be. His ability to seamlessly fuse different elements creates a genre-bending sound that is truly his own. “Space Dance” cements his status as one of Egypt's rising electronic music talents.


Music runs in the family as Adham’s brother is Nacelle’s superstar DJ Hisham Zahran, one of Egypt’s premier international selectors, who has racked up regular slots at Berlin’s Sisyphos and Kater Blau spots and The Lab in NYC.


Adham Zahran releases ‘Space Dance” his new album on JuJu Muzik on Friday November 24th


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