"What's Free": Meek Mill ft. Jay Z and Rick Ross

RnB/Hip Hop | Saturday 29th December 2018 | Deidre

The concept of freedom and what it entails has been debated and defined by philosophers throughout the centuries. From Socrates to Immanuel Kant, it’s fair to say there a quite a few variations in opinions regarding what makes us free or even if we are free at all. In ‘What’s Free’, taken from his first album since his release from prison, Championships, Meek Mill offers his contemporary take on liberty and what it means to him.

His controversial imprisonment in 2017 sparked outrage in the hip-hop community, inspiring a widespread campaign for his freedom. It seems his five-month stint in prison has really put things into perspective for Meek and gave the notion of freedom new-found significance.

‘What’s Free’, featuring Jay Z and Rick Ross is a song in which the lyrics will resonate with plenty. Meek’s idea of freedom is simple. ‘Free is when nobody else could tell us what to be.’ While Meek is no philosopher, his words are just as thought provoking as those of Socrates and Kant.

Rick Ross sets the tone for Meek and Jay Z to deliver their poignant and powerful verses. Meek delivers his impassioned verse with the energy his fans have come to expect, addressing his legal issues and desire to mend the broken justice system which at the bang of the gavel turned him to a ‘slave from a king’. Staying with the reflective theme, Jay Z’s verse dives deeper into American history and the continued plight of African-Americas in a state which boasts the title of the leader of the free world. Jay ensures to cover all bases as he addresses his ‘brother’ Kanye West’s endorsement of their controversial President, Donald Trump.

With their uncensored lyrics about social issues from black pride to gentrification, the trio are an embodiment of what free is.