A Love Letter to You 3 by Trippie Redd – review

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 10th December 2018 | Jake

Trippie Redd, the crooning redhead from Ohio, has released the third iteration of his Love Letter to You series, hot on the heels of his debut album Life’s a Trip. According to Trippie the tape was completed in its entirety in only two weeks, recorded immediately after the release of his debut album.

A Love Letter to You 3 sees Trippie tread the familiar territory of emo-trap he has come to make his own. After years of honing his craft ALLTY3 marks something of a stick or twist moment in the young soundcloud starlet’s musical trajectory. Does he risk rendering his sound tedious? Has he taken the emo-trap genre as far as it can go? And if so, does he focus all his talent on producing a less niche sound?


As it is Trippie appears to be attempting a balancing act. The majority of his material remains emotionally driven, almost plaintively touching on love, heartbreak, heartlessness and hopelessness. However, a distinctly more mainstream sound is of growing influence on his more recent tapes. With lyrics leaning on drugs and debauchery, Trippie refuses to shed his wailing cadence when he tries his hand at braggadocio.

Whereas Life’s a Trip went for singles over substance, ALLTY3 feels like one long, refined recording session: neatly sequenced and flowing smoothly. The one single, Topanga, stands out, but that doesn’t detract from a tape with very few lowlights. The question for Trippie now is whether he risks wearing a well crafted sound thin.