LISTEN | Synthia Looper Uncovers Captivating New Single 'Call My Name'

Other | Wednesday 19th July 2023 | The Hub

Synthia Looper, the captivating musician, performer and worldbuilder from Flint, Michigan, has just released her latest single, ‘Call My Name’. This mesmerising track showcases Synthia's unique fusion of dark, edgy synthpop and dreamy electronica, creating a sonic landscape that transports listeners to her imaginative world.

Synthia Looper's music is a reflection of her diverse influences, drawing inspiration from sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, feminism and social justice. With the aid of looping, voice effects and her electric guitar, Synthia weaves a tapestry of songs that delve into themes of loss, love, sexuality, mental anguish and equality. Through her music and art, she generates otherworldly sounds and thought-provoking lyrics, sharing tales of her interdimensional travels and diverse experiences.

New single ‘Call My Name’ delves into a fascinating narrative centred around newly sentient androids who have discovered love and the prospect of eternal existence. In a heartfelt exploration of connection, the androids embrace their newfound sentience and embark on an intimate journey, discovering new sensations and seeking a profound sense of unity.

Speaking about the track, Synthia Looper shares, “'Call My Name' is a metaphor for the beauty of making love and the extraordinary opportunity it provides for humans to connect with someone on such a deeply intimate level (i.e. feel a sense of oneness with another person). I'm simply acknowledging one of the many beautiful experiences we as humans get to enjoy while we're alive and something we should never take for granted, because although the android's time on earth is infinite, ours as humans is not, so we must live to the fullest.”

With her singular blend of ethereal sounds and interesting themes, Synthia Looper will surely continue to captivate audiences with this latest single. Her artistic vision and unwavering compassion for humanity shine through her music, inviting listeners to explore the delicate beauty, romance and cybernetic realms that define her creative universe.

Synthia Looper's new single 'Call My Name' is out now - Buy/stream

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