Female-led Foundation.FM launched in Peckham

Other | Tuesday 6th November 2018 | Arren

This week a new radio station launched with a female led programme.

Based in Peckham, Foundation.FM is led by Becky Richardson, Ami Bennett and Frankie Wells - all of whom have experience in radio at a national level. With a wealth of experience from places including Radio 1 and the recently closed Radar Radio, the three met professionally and decided to team up and tackle sexism, amongst other issues, in the industry. Looking to champion the many female DJs and artists out there, and encourage others to get involved.

In an interview with Timeout, Bennett said “This is an opportunity for us to put women at the forefront at every turn. That’s not to say that this is female-only, it’s absolutely not about that. But this [station] will definitely be female-led.” Wells added; ”The reason we’re saying men aren’t excluded is because we know that if we want to change the rhetoric, we need men on our side … This isn’t about having a battle.”

Foundation.FM will broadcast from 10am-10pm Monday to Friday and will run by it’s own agenda. They’ll be hosting the ‘Brunch Show’ in place of your standard early rising Breakfast Show and be having their own ‘Happy Hour’ each evening. You can listen live on their site.



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