5 quality tunes from Soul Defiance's crates

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 16th October 2018 | Arren

Top picks from Soul Defiance.

He’s been at this for almost a decade now, and it keeps getting better. We first noticed Soul Defiance after his appearance on Metalheadz’ Genesis EP back in 2009. He’s hasn’t stopped releasing jungle tinged sounds since.

He’s just dropped his latest works on the esteemed Audio Addict. Entitled the Primordial EP, its 5 proper jungle tracks filled with quality breaks and badman bass. It dropped on the 12th and we haven’t stopped listening since!

After hearing this smashing EP, we had to invite this junglist to compile his top picks. From Break, Total Science & Kyo’s ‘Who Decides’ to Was A Be’s ‘Jamming’, these are five serious tracks!

Break, Total Science & Kyo - Who Decides

“Break is the producer’s producer. This track has everything, from a soulful intro with Kyo’s smooth vocals to ridiculous production, to a drop that has all the grit and funk you want on a dancefloor. The sound design and processing is what you would expect from Break. He’s one of those buy on site producers.”

Kid Drama, DLR, Ulterior Motive & Hydro - Dredger

“This is savage. Analogue sounding grit on so many of the sounds in this one. The filtered reeces sound sick, gritty and warm at the same time, not overdone which is hard to get right. The transitions have been well crafted and it still rolls nice when it’s just the sub and drums.”

Alix Perez & Monty - Caligo

“Alix Perez needs no introduction but this one is a recent favourite with Monty. The groove is ridiculous and just rolls perfectly. It’s pretty minimal with funky drums. The stereo imaging on sounds is really crafted nicely, and they weave in and out perfectly with the drums. Some serious stabs feature in this track.”

Was A Be & Neve - Jamming

”Bit of an older one but when i heard this I knew I had to buy it. Was A Be and Neve blend new style sound design and arrangement with old school 90s influences, which is something I love. When this drops, its pretty relentless and switches up nicely throughout. I remember dropping this for the first time, it was an instant rewind by the promoter who was stood next to me.”

Soul Defiance - Tunnel Mission

”This is from a project I did last year, I wrote this quite a long time ago, and it still features in my sets now. There are those 90’s influences that I love along with some techy sounds and percussion. It’s a roller and I do write a variety of stuff but I’d like to write more on this kind of tip.”

Soul Defiance’s Primordial EP is out now - Buy

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