RMS & Dcision living it large with new EP 'Live The Life'

Drum and Bass | Friday 31st March 2017 | Arren

RMS & Dcision bring the heat with the first part of Live the Life.

Two juggernauts of Canadian jungle collide for the opening EP of Live the Life on Audio Addict. From the opening track's, 'Feel the Melody', wonky bassline you get the general vibe for the release. Heavyweight jungle tunes with bold basslines and fast breaks. The Canadian's go for it and have a final result that sounds like a mad Friday rave in an East London warehouse.

The standout track though has to be 'Back to Reality'. A solo production from RMS, he litters the beefy roller with hip hop samples for a tune that'll tear raves apart. A slick drum pattern with a solid bassline is the tried and tested formula which it follows, and it executes it perfectly. If you like your jungle raw and crazy, Live the Life will not leave you disappointed.

Part one is out now, grab a copy from Juno.

Facebook - SoundCloud
Facebook - SoundCloud