Add some Gravit-E to your playlists

Drum and Bass | Friday 12th October 2018 | Arren

Gravit-E needs to get on your radar.

He’s a drum & bass producer from Maidstone, Kent and he’s been making some serious moves. In just the last 12 months he’s had tunes out on Audio Addict, Nuke and Dutty Bass Audio each charting higher than the last.

It’s the grinding basslines, nods to jump up, jungle and liquid that give Gravit-E’s tunes the edge. Despite his recent successes, Gravit-E has still got more up his sleeve including a track with Verdikt on Grid’s forthcoming Head Nodders Vol. 2 and he's just dropped a huge EP on Audio Addict, the Wormhole EP.

The Wormhole is his biggest works to date, a six-tracker that really shows off this producer’s versatility in the studio. Despite different styles being adopted for each tune one thing remains the same, and that’s Gravit-E’s filthy bassworks.

Gravit-E's Wormhole EP is out now - Buy

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