Regina set to drop "Temptations" feat Dub General

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 2nd October 2018 | Tom

Following on from her recent release with K Jah and Dawn Raid  “Another Day” & “Controlling The Senses” Natty Dub songstress Regina returns to the fold with yet more dance floor pressure. This time she is seen teaming up with Natty Dubs very own Dub General with a track entitled “Temptation”.

The Label, started in 2012 by Cabin Fever UK, has long had a reputation for releasing Drum and Bass music of the highest standard . With constant quality output from well established artists like T>I, Bladerunner and Saxxon and up and comers like Version and Jaxx this is a label that every Drum and Bass fan should be well aware of.

Regina and Dub General certianly do not disappoint with this latest episode in the Natty Dub story. The atmosphere created by Dub General’s spacey harmonics and Regina’s eery yet majestic intro vocals give way to a strong and bubbling bassline that pops away over skipping drums scores reminiscent of the early work of a certain Duth trio. “Temptation” is definitely a bit different to what we have seen previously from Dub General, this is a tune aimed directly at the dance floor and will be occupying a space in many Drum and Bass DJ’s playlists this season. caught up with Dub General for a couple of comments about the new release....


“Temptations” is a bit different to what we have heard from you before, were you intentionally going for a different vibe here or did it just happen? It wasn’t intentional. I had the lyrics from Regina for a while and had loads of different ideas, it was kind of hard getting them all down together. Eventually I thought I’d cracked it but then at the last moment I came up with the bass riff, it was so good I had to scrap the whole project and start again which was a bit of a frustrating process but I am really pleased with the end result!

I assume this means you are a bit of a perfectionist? Yes I sure am, you should see me cook a steak!

What is next for Dub General? Hopefully there is more in the pipeline later this year for Natty Dub and Train Records. I have a few projects I am working on for early 2019 as well, which will hopefully be my biggest year to date.

Finally fitting in with the song’s title what is your biggest temptation? My car, I’m a complete petrol head when I’m not in the studio making music I am usually out in my car burning fuel!


Regina Ft Dub General “Temptations” is available now from the Natty Dub online store and is up for grabs on general release from 10th October 2018. Get a taste for Dub General's vibes with his Natty Dub podcast below.

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