Commix back this week to complete 'Generation EP' series on Metalheadz

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 26th September 2018 | Tom

Way back in 2002, Commix began as the production trio of Guy Brewer, Conrad Whittle and George Levings.

Their first solo release 'Feel Something / Soul Rebels' in 2003 on Aquasonic Records paved the way for three sweet years of pure, top end output across a variety of labels including Hospital, Fabio's Creative Source and Teebee's Subtitles. 

Then in 2005, Whittle departed the collective. The remaining members, Brewer and Levings, subsequently signed to Goldie's revered Metalheadz imprint and went on to produce a series of vintage releases that have now cemented Commix forevermore as legends of the Drum and Bass scene.

By 2012, Guy Brewer had also resigned from the group, leaving Levings as the sole member. 

And so, four years later in 2016, following the sudden appearance of new material on Soundcloud, the EP trilogy was swiftly announced on Metalheadz. “Generation EP1” ensued that spring, marking the return of one of the most integral Drum and Bass production staples of the last 15 years.

Today sees the full release of the ultimate chapter of the Generation series with "Generation EP3", and it is easily some of Commix's most relevant work to date whilst once again providing Levings with the perfect platform to showcase the immense versatility of his production.

The Time” immediately launches you into pure, rolling Commix splendour. A ticking percussion and a Bellview-esque skip guide you on a journey that you know only this particular drum and bass custodian is capable of. “Fragile State” then takes things on a more serious note. Acute drums are complimented by Rufige style loops and a proper pounding, headzy bassline to create luscious Bluenote vibes that will keep even the most stiff-necked DnB veterans nodding contently for a good while to come.

The uplifting chords and warm atmosphere of “Cherry” are in stark contrast to its predecessor again providing evidence of Comix's unique ability to dip in and out of any Drum and Bass sub-genre. Finally we have “The Divide”. 90's Hip Hop style 808 kicks, Ghostly FX (think Mario N64 version here), hypnotising yet gritty synth melodies topped off with enchanting vocal stabs spawn a suitably powerful final track and finale to the series which has seen George Levings aka Commix return with unadulterated and undisputable Drum and Bass class.


"Generation EP3" is available now from the Metalheadz online store, full release 28th September 2018.


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