Nymfo supplying the 'Twisted Funk' with latest EP on Dispatch Recordings

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 25th September 2018 | Tom

Consistently releasing quality music on labels like Spearhead, Commercial Suicide and RAM since his debut in 2007 on Renegade Recording's 'Calligraphy EP', Nymfo aka Bardo Camp has collaborated with prominent artists including Icicle, Cern, and Black Sun Empire along the way to becoming a name who is celebrated for producing drum and bass of the highest calibre.

His latest release, the “Twisted Funk EP” on Dispatch Recordings, only further solidifies his position as one of the current torchbearers for the technical side of the Drum and Bass scene.

Amsterdam based Nymfo was winner of best ‘Dutch Drum and Bass DJ’ in 2005 and is a true DJ at heart. These 4 cuts of classic Nymfo rolling loveliness have certainly been made with this in mind and are aimed steadily at creating dance floor vibes.

Whether it's the crunchy, wobbling lows and skipping percussion loops of title track “Twisted Funk”, the pumping neuro bass and techno stabs of “Bullet Train”, head nodding robotic rolls of “Lemmings” or distorted low end pressure of “Drone Attack” this whole EP brims with class and will very likely be frequenting the sets of the discerning lover of Tech Drum and Bass for some time to come.

The devastating “Twisted Funk EP” is out now on Dispatch Recordings and is available from the links below.

Nymfo - Juno - Bandcamp - Soundcloud