You Are What You Buy

Other | Wednesday 29th August 2018 | Roberta Micallef

We regularly feel like the issues in the world are too big or dire for us to make a difference. Organisations that we disagree with often seem too huge and powerful for anything we do to make an impact.

But there's one thing that will forever retain its power; money. Where we spend our money is a vote for what kind of world we want to see. We invest in companies we buy from and by doing so we accept that company’s method of production. 

By spending your money on ethical brands and products, you are taking action. If we all stopped buying into bad businesses, they would have to change or simply disappear. Money is the catalyst for change, so use yours wisely. What businesses will you start supporting and investing in?

Here are some examples: 

Georganics for Bamboo Toothbrushes and Natural Toothpaste

Oatly as a delicious frothy Milk alternatives for a reusable coffee cup that’s 100% spill free. 

Cafe Direct for a ethically made coffee 

Lush for Shampoo and Conditioner without useless packaging.

MoonCup for a waste free period

Who Gives a Crap for 100% recycled toilet paper 

Mangle and Wringer for a natural washing powder