The Queer Kingdom of King Princess

Indie | Monday 23rd July 2018 | Roberta Micallef

The husky voice of Mikaela Straus, is gaining deserved attention, for reasons that go beyond music. Being a queer artist in music today, Straus has been representing a community, that has fallen short of representation in the past.

In her music video for the single ‘1950’, she sports a drawn-on moustache, playing on gender in a blatant and satirical way, mocking the concept itself. The single expresses the unrequited love between queer people in history and is based on the book The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith (Film Adaptation: Carol, 2015).

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter released her first album, Make My Bed in June. The album is magic - her vulnerability and intense emotion evocative of Lorde and Maggie Rogers

Gender fluidity shaped her blossoming career, starting with the stage name 'King Princess'. The name demonstrates the complexity of her gender and her constant state of in-between.

By using female pronouns in her songs, Straus is shaking the snow-globe of heteronormativity. The ripple effects of these minor and subtle changes subvert mainstream pop and media.

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