Fashion Revolutionaries

Other | Monday 2nd July 2018 | Roberta Micallef

You enter a shop and buy this ready made garment, stitched and dyed, it fits you just right. But how often do you stop and question the process that came before your decision to buy that garment? 

Fashion Revolution Week does just that. Founded by Fashion Revolution, the purpose of the movement is to make the consumer curious, and to ask fashion brands, #whomademyclothes ? Fashion Revolution day falls on the 24th of April, marking the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy. In 2016 it changed from one day to an entire week.

Fashion Revolution promotes activism through three steps: Be Curious, Find Out and Do Something. Activists all around the world have followed this movement, posting pictures of their clothing, showing the label on social media, and prompting the question: "Who made my clothes?". Some brands answer with specific details on factories...even pictures of their workers holding up signs saying “I made your clothes”. Some don’t respond at all. Image Credit: Bibico

This movement keeps the conversation going and provides consumers with answers. Information that is necessary prior to purchasing an item of clothing rather than after.

Research and knowledge make up a large distance on the road to ethical fashion. Knowing how the brands we buy are producing their clothes is both comforting and terrifying. Without informing ourselves, bad practices continue to happen, however, by informing ourselves and changing our habits, sustainable practices can flourish.

Something as simple as a picture of your clothing inside out can force companies to be held accountable for their actions and to ignite change within the industry.