'Spit For Me' by Shay D is a banger to vibe to

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 21st May 2018 | Tania

Punching some wisdom into our heads, Shay D goes on a revolutionary journey with her intensely truthful music. 

Shay D, or the ‘Wisdom Guru’, is all about growing our awareness. This young female rapper has found the vibes to connect many to this wisdom ride. Through her bars she speaks of the reality women live with in this man’s world. Entwining reality and killer rhythms, Shay D continuously leaves our heads in a spin. Not only does she rap, she also has a soft and melodious voice that slaps you into her zone.

The poet and activist from London has detached herself from the crowd of hip-hop artists by mixing storytelling into her pot of mad waves. Her debut album A Freedom of Speech is a conscious gateway to education, true education. She has now plunged into a crowd of wise individuals - the ones who know that creativity is the most peaceful and efficient way to educate.

Shay D has got us feeling some type of way! She brings us into her world with the most immersive experience. So lay back, close your eyes and realize.

You can also see the artist live at Word on the Street on 6th of June. 

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