LWE's pilot show at London newest venue is a game changer

Other | Thursday 10th May 2018 | Nicky

With the Sun finally turning up for Spring which made the Early May Bank Holiday into one of the warmest days on record, we headed out for an early daytime party hosted by LWE at their newly touted venue in West London, taking over the Old Fountain Studios in Wembley for an exciting showcase hosted by The Martinez Brothers and their NY based record label, Cuttin Headz.

The Venue itself great, big and dark and quite a contrast to the bright sunshine and cloudless skies which were outside, a perfect set up for a showcase of this quality. LWE really did go to town on the lights too, with spotlights and lasers all above the main stage and sides and a huge light triangle installation above the deejay booth. With an industrial and warehouse type feel to the venue, it was easy to forget where you were, but a little neon sign spelling out "Cuttin Headz" reminded you that you were in fact at a showcase by one New York's hottest house labels.

Getting there mid-afternoon, the place was busy with a mix of old and young Londoners with some talking and taking in the rays in the smoking and food areas, while the remaining "headz" were inside with Arkityp – pronounced “archetype”, an East London collaboration of Rossko and Archie Hamilton talented efforts and also a duo to look out for in future. The last 3 hours were left in the hands of label bosses, The Martinez Brothers as they led the faithful through there own novel tech house journey. Dropping a range of cuts from the label, old and new, accompanied by a grand and impressive laser and light show production courtesy of the team at LWE. 

Overall LWE have found themselves a winner with this venue, lots of possibilities to arrange insane events given the canvas they have to work with and there's genuine excitement to see what other talents they will decide to showcase here in future apart from Paul Kalkbrenner's album launch which takes place tonight. (Thursday 10th May - Tickets here.)