Brother Jerome take a stand for all in latest album

Reggae | Tuesday 24th April 2018 | Patience

Brother Jerome release debut album Progress!

Originally created to pay homage to Ryan Bria's late brother Jerome 'Drew' Bia, Brother Jerome seek to leave a transformative effect in their music, one that is all about love and righteousness. It these characteristics that make their latest LP stand out from the rest.

Made up of 11 tracks, the album opener 'Progress' touches on police brutality and racial profiling, it's obvious from the get-go, Brother Jerome are holding nothing back. Another standout track includes 'Macho Man', which speaks on the toxicity of hyper-masculinity and despite its serious message, the danceable tune played throughout leaves you wanting more.

Other soulful numbers include 'Soul Shine', 'Mind Over Matter', 'What's It Like' and 'Cookie'. Each single is littered with soothing and catchy melodies, emphasized by the rich and hypnotising vocals of lead singer Ryan Bria. There is no doubt in our minds, Progress is pure positive music and every track will leave you feeling blessed.