Mini Rumpus returns in a one-off summer edition

Other | Tuesday 24th April 2018 | Cristina

The next Rumpus sold out in an astounding 11 minutes… If you haven’t got a ticket to rainbows & rayguns, the next event in the series, make sure you have the finger on the button when the next event’s tickets, confirmed for October 5, go on sale.

Rumpus is becoming widely known as one of London’s best raves, produced like parties should be with a sprawling, cavernous range of rooms, a diverse variety of sounds on its lineup and a certifiably mad crowd decked to the nines in fancy dress.

We are currently deciding on our costume, with the Rainbows and Rayguns dress code consisting of the following: Spatial Spacepeople, Rainbow Warriors, Prismatic Pistoleros, Flintlock Fantasies, Dappled Duellists, Polychromatic Peashooters, Multicoloured Magnums, Bubblegum Blue Bazookas, Psychadelic Uzis.

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