Experimental-pop artist Dervisis shares debut single, 'Missing'

Other | Saturday 21st April 2018 | Lilly

Initially releasing music under the moniker of Kid Flicks, Dervisis has now traded this in for his given name, seizing each moment and demanding the future.

During his time as Kid Flicks, Dervisis had the privilege of sharing the stage with experimental artists such as Slow Magic, Craft Spells, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, as well as receiving substantial support from prolific publications such as CBC Arts, CLASH Mag, The 405, DIY Mag, Bandcamp and Impose Magazine.

Utilizing an array of techniques and values, Nikolaos Dervisis has been dubbed a “musical chameleon”, introducing the use of darbuka pattern (an Arabic percussive instrument common among Balkan and Middle Eastern music) inspired beats amidst lush electronics and soulful vocals. He has remixed for producers such as Tendts and Liphemra (aka Phem), released two homemade LPs released by Greek label Inner Ear Records as well as a third and final self-titled album on Klik Records in 2016 respectively.

Born in Athens, Greece, Nikolaos Dervisis grew up on punk influences, playing his first gig at an anti-war anarchist festival before diving into the experimental musical realm. After performing together with a few bands in his early years, Dervisis soon realized where his true calling was. After receiving a BA in Graphic Design, he then started to experiment during travels between his hometown of Athens and London by building up an archive of unheard material, and soon after, earned himself a Master of Music degree at Goldsmith, University of London.

Characterizing himself as a ‘musical nomad’, Dervisis produces via a laptop, wherever he may feel comfortable - whether it’s inside a tiny venue, or even just a friend’s home. However, this is no restriction when it comes to producing music as Dervisis’ eclectic palette continues to grow further and further down the experimental rabbit hole, comparable to artists such as Nicolas Jaar, Grimes or Mica Levi, with his sample heavy, vocal processed, electronic-pop antics. Inspired by global pop culture and Eastern Mediterranean influences in a world where both can co-exist, Dervisis has embraced this notion further by pursuing his own brand of ‘Eastern Post-Pop’ music.

Dervisis’ ‘Missing’ is an explorative, albeit reflective post-pop delight, fully equipped with bleeping electronics, percussive beats, pulsing basslines and soulful processed vocal techniques. Evidently, this comes from somewhere pure, honest and intuitive, although there’s certainly no reason to stand still while listening to it.

Speaking on the latest single 'Missing', Dervisis explains: “The idea behind 'Missing' was to create a pop track describing a needy and dysfunctional relationship, as a metaphor for my relationship with Athens, the city I grew up in. The past decade, due to the crisis (+ decadence of the city, unemployment, shitty jobs, rise of the far right, gentrification, the absence of my friends.who left to work abroad etc.) I have developed a weird relationship with Athens and sometimes I prefer missing the city than living here.”