Wunity - the wordy-wise artist

Other | Monday 16th April 2018 | Tania

William Lawrence, better known by his stage name ‘Wunity’ is a multicultural rapper with roots in Portugal and France and various countries in Africa like Sao Tome, Mozambique and more.

This young and very talented lyricist has had various musical influences as his father and him would listen to Jazz together. With his mum, he would listen to African music. Finally, he found his calling when with his brother and cousins they started listening to rap music. This is where he found his identity and pour his soul into his lyrics as if they were bubbled up in him this whole time.

His music is rich in meaning, rich in emotions, but mostly rich in sick instrumentals using organic instruments. When listening to the few songs he’s put out on every platform (Spotify, Youtube, Tidal, etc.), you can understand the deepness of his inspirations. With influences going from Asap Mob, Odd Future, to 2PAC, Dr DRE and more. 

Everything about his character is about being transparent. Transparency about himself, his identity, the origins of his music and the tragic events going on in his life.

'Inner Death' is a very intimate and heart-wrenching single celebrating the deaths of not only his uncle and grandmother but also the death of his social rhythm. A soul trapped, then let out into this rap game with strong emotions.

'Inner Death' is one of the 5 tracks coming up on his first EP HADES. Other tracks include ‘Prelude’, the opening act to this theatre piece that is his EP. This single is an introduction to Wunity’s vision of the world. Letting you have a glimpse at the rollercoaster ride you’re about to hop on to. 

‘Awake’ and ‘Negus’ are tracks with more uplifting beats. However, they should not be taken lightly. ‘Negus’ being a driven track, a denunciation of modern slavery and beauty standards imposed on black women. Wunity holds a strong stand in front of the world regarding his convictions, whatever what’s said.

HADES is a 5 act theatre piece that plunges you into Wunity’s world. His name says it well, with his music he invites the bravest and the most passionate to dive in. To create ‘Unity’ between William and the rest of the world. An art lover inviting you to appreciate his own art piece. Wunity is a sensation, booming into your world as he lets you into his. Here's the gateway to his artwork:

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