7 reasons why less makeup is best

Other | Thursday 22nd March 2018 | Afeefa

Society is going through a transition where we take health, lifestyle and minimalism a lot more seriously. We feel it's the perfect time to mention how although makeup plays an important role in our life whether you are male or female you don't need to go over the top. Used excessively, it changes appearances. Used minimally it enhances your appearance.

I love makeup, it was once used to enhance a woman or man's beauty, now it's used as a form of art.

1) You don't need makeup to feel secure

Why should we care what people say when they talk anyway? Just do you and leave the house however makes you happy.

2) It's better to be the real you

Honestly, it's better to be comfortable in your skin than any other. There are flaws in every part of life. As much as we do it to attract men, they prefer to see the real you.

3) It doesn't make you feminine

Society has become a lot bolder and accepting towards makeup which was once deemed as a feminine trait. Now it is a genderless form of expression.

4) Time consuming

How annoying is to be somewhere, to have a chosen look, to create it and it not look as expected? You either have to start again or go with what you have. Keeping your look minimal steers you away from wasting time on your god beat face.

5) Money

Want a spare £70,000? Research shows, women in the UK spend that amount in their lifetime on their appearance. Maybe that's why you don't have the Porsche you've had your eye on for a while.

6) Comfort

Don't get me wrong I love makeup as I said, but your comfort should come first. You should not need to worry about hugging your friend and leaving and embarrassing stain on their top... Whoops.

7) Beauty of art

As shown through Instagram makeup is a new found art form. It can be used for fun and create to characteristics for each day... Exciting!

As mentioned, we love how diverse makeup is. What I don't like is how insecure it makes us feel if we do not wear it. Have fun in wearing makeup and wear it to the extent that suits you. Just don't rely on it!