Grab yourself a rum, The Hempolics are in town!

Roots | Tuesday 20th March 2018 | Jasmine

The Hempolics are destined for great things. With their appetite to “put those organic rootsy vibes back into music”, their show at The Brook, in Southampton proves they are succeeding in doing just that. Their radio-friendly hooks and sound system bass bring the sensation of Boomtown Festival on a snowy, Saturday night.

The effortless ease coming from their smooth sounds combine a perfect pairing of strong dub and reggae, whilst being peppered with hip-hop and the occasional touch of soul. Each genre addition provides a welcome tonic to their already refined sound.

It’s evident this London band know they are good however, this does not come off in the form of arrogance or obnoxiousness, but in fact, they quietly slide through their set oozing cool. The effortless ease of the achingly beautiful vocals of  Nubyia fuels the night with her powerful performance and ability to take control of the room. Her voice is almost unable to categorise, and she brings something new to the table making The Hempolics a band you will remember.

As the band continue to perform it feels like they are taking you on a tour throughout the Caribbean before landing you back in what feels like a London town. The Hempolics have mastered the art of transportation and are designed to be listened to with a rum and coke in hand.

Join The Hempolics ship slowly starting to sail the UK. The crew welcome you on board.