Drum & Bass to pop your weekend off

Drum and Bass | Friday 9th March 2018 | Mary-Anne

It's the weekend what you waiting for?

Here's our Drum & Bass selection to get you in the mood to head out, get that all important D&B therapy and let loose.

There is 'Old Skool' and there is 'New Skool' ...but there's a time around the first decade of this century which spawned some of the greatest tunes, labels and producers of the genre, yet is often overlooked. We feel it's time for this period to be truly celebrated, in conjunction with the 14th anniversary of EOC's foundation. So prepare yourself for a musical feast from the years 1999-2009, played by the DJs and producers who were there. Welcome to... the Middle Skool! Courtesy of



Let's get all nostalgic with this one. Pure old skool jungle from female Dj Bonnie Blaze and it's an all vinyl mix.



We all wish it was summer right now. Let's go back to the magic island of Sardinia back to Sun & Bass 2016.

Randall & MC GQ.


Let's go in hard and release all those stresses and struggles from this week.



Have a great weekend from all of us here at Guestlist & dance hard!