Brookes Brothers tell us about tearin' the roof off Rampage this weekend

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 27th February 2018 | Arren

We had a quick catch up with two brothers who’ve had a real big impact in drum & bass.  

The Brookes Brothers have been big players in the drum & bass biz since the late noughties. They smashed into the wider consciousness of heads everywhere after a smashing 2008, where they released a tonne of top-notch music including their first major hit, ‘Tear You Down’.

Nowadays the brothers are a major staple of the Viper family, bringing forward big room hits and spinning at the biggest and best events globally. They’ve made it onto the bill for this weekend’s Rampage party in Belgium, alongside Chase & Status, Andy C & Pendulum. Ahead of the show, we had a quick catch up with them to see what’s what.

Hey guys how are you?
Great thank you, really looking forward to Rampage this weekend!

What three words would you use to describe the event?
Absolute fucking carnage.

You’re billed on an insane line up of artists, any you’re particularly excited for?
Too many to mention! Lineup is fire.

At the tail end of 2017 you dropped your latest album, Orange Lane, it’s an interesting name does it have an origin?
Yeah, it's the name of a road our grandma owned a shop on when we were kids. It has a nostalgic feel for us and we thought the name suited the vibe of the album well.

In a sentence, how would you describe the album?
We wanted to bring something unique, and something people can enjoy at home or in the club.

You headed the Viper fellowship tour of New Zealand also at the end of last year with Trei and Ekko & Sidetrack, enjoy that?
Yeah was amazing, love those boys and the shows were awesome.

Anything happen on tour that maybe shouldn’t?
Whitney Houston karaoke session with Ekko and Sidetrack.

Name two things that people don’t know about Brookes Brothers?
Dan's favourite band is the Bee Gees. Phil has a third nipple.

What’s got you motivated right now?
Life, music, family, friends. Just the usual!

What are you most in love with right now?
Music, always but right now maybe our MPC live kindly given to us by the good people at Akai.

What would you say is your game-changing tune, and what in your mind made it so special?
‘Tear You Down’ was the tune that changed the game for us, it’s special to us because it allowed us to quit our day-jobs!

That came out on Breakbeat Kaos with a few other bangers, how would you describe that point of your careers?
Awesome, we loved working with Fresh and Adam F. They really helped push our sound.

Was there a party that changed your lives?
Fabio’s night Swerve at the Velvet Rooms and Movement at Bar Rumba were two of the nights that really inspired us to start producing dnb. Great memories from both.

What do you seeing yourselves doing if it wasn’t for the music?
Good question. We're both keen chefs so maybe open a little food shack somewhere!

What was your party/festival of 2017?
Had a blast at Liquicity Festival.

Was there an idea that changed your lives?
Yeah, let’s get a PC and learn to make tunes together!

What’s your ultimate party track of all time?
Earth, Wind and Fire - September.

Your favourite track/mix for on the road?
Favourite driving tune? Phil Collins and Philip Bailey - Easy Lover is hard to beat.

Ultimate 90s rave track?
Gotta be SL2 - On a Ragga Tip. First cassette single I ever bought.

Your go-to floor filler?
'Carry Me On'.

If you were a boxer, what would your walkout tune be?
Buju Banton - 'Champion (remix)'.

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