U2 is poetically committed with 'Songs of Experience'

Indie | Wednesday 7th February 2018 | Joséphine

With their fourteenth album, U2 returns to basics with Songs of Experience. 

We find groove, rock, guitar and Bono's voice intact on unifying current issues like Trump's America and the refugee crisis, and questions about his rock star status, death, responsibility, hope, love and light. This is undoubtedly the sound of U2.

The cover photo features Bono's son and the daughter of guitarist The Edge holding hands, proving the band is as united as ever since the release of Songs of Innocence, three years after. Both albums are inspired by a collection of poems by William Blake which has allowed for deep lyrics, in each track featured on the LPs.

The album begins with 'Love is All We Have Left' and reminds us of the recent events that have marked the news. It is as if horror and hatred will not pass over love.

There is also an anti-trump feeling and talk about the current fate of migrants in the song 'American Soul' and 'Summer of Love', which highlights the commitment in this album. The main goal is to create a "call for peace", they explained to the New York Times, this is not a controversial album but U2 still has something to say.