La Textilerie: Parisian ethical fashion

Other | Tuesday 6th February 2018 | Lio

La Textilerie is a new shop in Paris that gives a second life to your clothes...

In Paris's 10th borough, a little store, called La Textilerie, opened recently. They define themselves as a workshop, coffee and recycle shop.

At La Textilerie, you can drink coffee while discovering ethical creators, participating in sewing workshops, upcycling and handing down old clothes while shopping in their thrift shop.

Because of unethical fashion supremacy, they have decided to form some type of opposition and organise. La Textilerie is an eco-friendly ethical fashion house.

La Textilerie also offers sewing courses in case people don’t know how to make their clothes.

Clothes bought all have the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label which is a very serious ethical criterion. This means you can bring your old clothes to the recycle shop which will be recycled and sold in a thrift shop.

But, if you need a small repair you could just go to the free repair cafe at La Textilerie. They will teach you how to repair your clothes yourself!

More about La Textilerie can be found here.  Also, more on the label website is here.