The Podcast for black London!

Other | Friday 19th January 2018 | Gassy

The Culture London is a podcast featuring hosts El Cooke and No Name as they discuss the issues affecting ethnic minorities in London, from knife crime, black businesses, black validation, unemployment and plenty more.

Co-founder of The Culture Podcast El Cooke describes himself as a “ man in my 40’s from Britain with something to say!”

El Cooke

Whereas No Name is as mysterious as his name, “The point is, I have a point of view that I’d like to share with you! My name? It doesn’t matter, only what I say and how I say it”.

Overall, the goal of the podcast is to educate people with the duo's views on all things London. 

In one of their discussions, the pair explores validation and how it works in the black community. They encourage people to not seek validation of any kind. They argue that the work that we produce should be about what message we want to send to the world, not about getting a prize. As it is that 'message' that will bring about the change we want to see in the world.  

Discover more of their insightful podcasts here and feel free to share your point of view to keep the conversation going.