It's time for 'No worries' with D'Angel & Spice

Reggae | Friday 12th January 2018 | Gassy

‘No worries’ by dancehall queens D’Angel & Spice is one empowering tune that will make you an instant fan by the time you finish listening to the single.

Whether you want to use it for your Monday morning motivation at work or late night clubbing, this tune is a big one to lift up your mood. Not only is it catchy but its lyrics are cheerful and meaningful to women in the dancehall industry.

This strong collaboration between D’Angel and Spice banishes jealousy & rivalry between female artists and women in general. 'No Worries' reinforces this, in the way it encourages women to not tear each other down but to boost each other up in times of trouble.

It is a positive and enlightening track as it also has spiritual references throughout. The duo sing, “Cause right now me naav no problems, God a deal wid everything, God sort out everything”. 

The melody is captivating, the voices are on point and the beats are everything. We pressed replay a couple times.

This tune will leave you feeling blessed, from start to finish: