3 great cities to party at in South America

Drum and Bass | Monday 18th December 2017 | Carrie

Whether visiting just one of these countries or trekking a multi-country trip on a backpacker’s budget, these destinations are essential stop-overs for anyone looking for a decent night out.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a backpacker, Buenos Aires will be the priciest city you’ll visit. But why bother eating fancy food at fancy restaurants (with even fancier prices) when you can save all your money for the clubs? The nightlife in BA beings at around 12 pm, after you’ve sponged your hostel of all the buy-one-get-one-free G&Ts you can possibly stomach and finally share a taxi to the cluuurrb.

Prepare to be surrounded by relentless Argentinians they go hard. Bartenders in BA do not hold back, and will often ask if your drink is strong enough. Get ready for huge clubbing areas (lots of clubs have outside stages, like Bayside, and the longest bars you have ever seen, and all the reggaetón music you could possibly listen too. Wear your comfiest shoes, because you aren’t leaving until the sun comes up.  

Valparaiso, Chile

This quirky, colourful sea-side city just an hour and a half outside of Santiago is like Brighton on acid. There are loads of bars with live music (acoustic, rock and jazz mostly) as well as a bunch of breweries, which are perfect places to go eat and pre-drink before going out.

The city is pretty small so you can save on the cab fare by walking to your chosen club. DJs in Valpo aren’t as obsessed with reggaetón and will play a variety of club classics, as well as techno and house,  drinks are relatively cheap compared to the major cities. Check out Mascara, a club by the famous 'Fuente de Neptuno' statue (and in the main hostel area). On your tipsy walk home, you can also admire the sick graffiti painted on basically every building you see, which is a pretty cool perk.

Cusco, Peru

You might think all Cusco had to offer was touristy merch and alpaca jumpers specially made for the gringos, but there is so much more. It’s a tradition for all those people who complete the famous Inca trail to go out the night they get back from Machu Picchu (because why wouldn’t you want to get pissed after a 4-day trek and 3 am start to see the site from the flipping sungate?!).

Drink a couple of litres of caffeine, and head out to the Plaza de Armas where clubs scatter the square (check out Mama Africa, Indigo and La Chupiteria ). Cusco is way more catered towards tourists, so expect to hear most of your cheesy faves as you meet a bunch of people from all over the world.